An Open Letter

Dear Pepper,

It is not actually one piece of literature, movie or what you are suggesting.  In my case it has been my family, the great business leaders I worked with and the US leaders who have inspired me so much that I  decided to do what I do, and it is not yet the end of it.  I am happy to share with you my little bible which accompanies me every day in whatever I do.  In good times and bad times.  It works miracles.  There is no more to it.  In my case it is this simple.

Thank you and kind regards,

Jitka Schmiedová

  • It is necessary to have a vision which is worth making come true through hard work. (my father)
  • If you make a mistake, do not look back but rather more ahead, not repeat the mistake. ( my father)
  • Nothing is worse than an unhappy woman. (my grandmother)
  • Be obsessed with individualism. Live free. (my father)
  • If you fail, you get another chance, because risk-taking means innovation, creation, experimentation. (my inspirational business leaders)
  • When doing anything always ask „Why not?“ instead of „WHY?“ (my inspirational business leaders)
  • Maintain positive view of things – there is so much negativism anyway. (my mother)
  • If you do something you really like, time is not the No. 1 that matters. (my mother)
  • Always dream big! (my grandmother)
  • Do the best of what you are doing, the future will take care of itself. (American leaders)
  • It is actually quite good to be different, it is not bad at all. (my inspirational business leaders)
  • Change it, love it, or leave it! (my inspirational business leaders)
  • Human relationship is a true currency (you)