Things to Think About

“The scientific name for an animal that doesn’t either run from or fight its enemies is lunch.” Michael Friedman

The message I get from this humorous take on life, especially about the human animal, is that timing is everything. Should you retreat, gather more information, or cool off? Or, should you go for it? Developing a sense of timing takes practice, but one way to gain the practice without being on the “menu” is to build a relationship with a mentor or coach who can help you think things through and many times offer a new perspective. I have been very fortunate in that I have had some great mentors—even though from some I learned what not to do. Finding that right person may be easier than you think if you engage yourself by reflecting on what it is that you would like to work on and make it the topic of discussion at appropriate times. Having the experience of working with a good mentor or coach is not only fulfilling personally, it is a great way to develop yourself so that you can add more value as a coach, or mentor to someone else.

Good luck on your journey!