Things to Think About

"The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously."   Henry Kissinger

There are a number of ways one could interpret this quote, but here is what it says to me in the context of business. First of all, in problem solving, it is very important to identify and discuss all possible, relevant alternatives in order to reach a decision on the best course of action. I think there would be general agreement on this point. It’s what happens next, though, that is key and this brings it all down to the individual level. Teams are what get things done, but individual commitment and focus are very important factors to team cohesion. This is when everybody is on the same page and they realize the time for talking has passed. It’s now time to focus and execute. This individual commitment is what brings a team together, clears the mind, and releases the magic of team cohesion. So, here’s the question: As a team member are you contributing to, or detracting from, clarity, focus, and cohesion? It only takes one person to begin the positive momentum of a team, or to derail it. Which one do you choose to be?

Good luck on your journey!