Things to Think About

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” Sir Francis Bacon

Focus, please, on the two most important words in this quote, “will make”. Sir Francis is talking about the inertia of failure. The opportunistic approach many have of waiting for the “right” thing, time, person—you name it—to come along. Even if you hope to win the lottery, you have to do something—buy a ticket. Life is that way too. Buying a ticket to life’s lottery comes in the way of making an investment—an investment in yourself. I know from experience that inertia is a difficult thing, at times, to break free from. It requires effort, motion and discipline. But, in life’s lottery, I can assure you that there is no better investment than in yourself. You are the most valuable asset you will ever manage. If you feel locked in a state of inertia there’s something you need to know. The longer you wait to “invest” in yourself, the lower the return on your investment will be. Reach down, deep inside, and ask yourself if you are really investing in yourself, or just waiting. Wouldn’t today be a good day to raise the investment in yourself to the level that you deserve.

Good luck on your journey!