Things to Think About

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out." John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach and Hall of Famer

Born in the farm country of Indiana (as was I), John Wooden’s Mid-Western common sense is on full display here.  As a coach at UCLA, Wooden won more NCAA Championships than any other coach in the history of basketball.  In fact, he won so many awards as a player and then a coach that he was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame twice (1960 and 1973) and to the College Basketball Hall of Fame (2006).  Known for his positive attitude and short, simple inspirational quotes, he was admired, respected, and loved by his players.  One message was always clear from Coach Wooden; that of personal responsibility—for failure as well as success.  Think about how this quote might apply to you, in your personal life, as well as your career.

Good luck on your journey!